Self-publishing syllabus: JA Huss

Today’s self-publishing research shout out goes to JA Huss’s free marketing vlog course, THE PERFECT YEAR.

I don’t have any experience with self publishing, so I can’t yet vouch for the efficacy of her methods. But these videos were clear, organized, and user friendly. She takes a ton of information that might otherwise overwhelm a newb like myself, and breaks it down into easily digestible parts. Definitely a good place to start, especially when trying to get a hold of all the different avenues of promotion.

Also, she curses like a sailor and has plenty of attitude. Which? By the time I got to the video where she started calling people c*nty b*tches all over the place, I wanted to take her out for margaritas and become BFFs.

This course is free, informative, and she doles out real information, instead of those irritating-as-hell videos where the person is always about to tell you the key thing, and 50 seconds worth of information is buried in 45 minutes of bullshit.

A toast: Whoop-whoop, J.A!