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The FBI said it’d be dangerous. If I helped them put Mark Donahue in prison, they’d get my brother out.

Mark is a criminal mastermind, so cagey and brilliant the FBI can’t touch him. I’m the one person who could bring him to his knees.

Publicly, he’s got everything— good looks, a vast tech empire, and more money than a small country. But he’s also a man haunted by his past. Behind closed doors, he wants me to use another woman’s soaps, be tied in her straps, answer to her name. It’s a twisted game, and I’m scared of how much I want to play.

Get in, get out, save my brother, protect myself.

And I’ve got to be fast, because Mark’s arrogant, infuriating, totally hot brother, Davis, suspects I’m up to no good… and he’ll go to any lengths to uncover my secrets.


 Featured in Cosmopolitan.com, over a million reads on Wattpad, 28,000+ followers


“I love this book!!”— Nya Chandler, Goodreads reviewer

“I couldn’t put down this delicious subversion of the bad boy billionaire romance. Is Mark dangerous? You better believe it.” – Lucy, Amazon reviewer

“Omg this book was a easy read and went by so quick! It kept me on the edge of my seat! I loved every momment of it. So scary exciting and sexy” – MeltonHeather, Wattpad reader

“Think the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Fifty Shades of Gray. Highly recommend.” – T’aisi2day

“(H)oly…. this was such a story. THIS IS 10/10 !!!! LOVED IT!!!” – clichebrisky, Wattpad reader

“This was one of the absolute best novels I have ever read. I could not put it down. You wrote a true page turner, that did not disappoint me once. Thank you . You are so talented. Thank you for writing this awesome story!!!!!” – PatriciaFitzgerald3, Wattpad reader

“I loved it! Once I started 2 days ago I literally couldn’t sleep till the end!” – BrujitaD, Wattpad reader
“Holy cr*p that was good! I couldn’t put it down! The passion and adventure in this story had me gasping for breath.” – Irish_love_, Wattpad reader

“Started reading this book exactly 24 hours ago and went to sleep at 5 am in the morning. When I woke up yesterday, at 1pm I immediately grabbed my phone and started reading from where I left off, and kept reading until now… Geez, this book got me hooked, I literally did nothing but read today… I barely even ate anything” – Ella_Dia, Wattpad reader

“This is one of the best books I’ve ever read”– sylvias0, Wattpad reader




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